Week 5 MKE

I am on the third revision of my DMP…. this season. I actually have revised it like twenty times over the past 4 years. It’s interesting to note that it’s always growing older! By the way y’all, looking back at the evidence I created is super amazing how words become things. I am encouraged, excited, enthusiastic and somewhat fearful by thing in my DMP yet to appear in the physical word. I must be careful what I say….. it always happens. Mark J this could be you (fault) influence! Thanks my brother form another mother!


Week 4 MKE

My vision seems clearer with my eyes closed. I know I just saw a symbol because I remember what I didn’t actually  see…. It was a task of cleaning the carpet  that I caught myself thinking about. Oh now I remember I didn’t see myself physically cleaning the carpet I saw the carpet clean. The sign triggered my awareness. Good to know!

Week 3 MKE

The sit is my powerful imagination. The more I learn the less I know. I am into a place that is silent and without pictures. I always had a thought or picture in mind now without a doubt I experience “nothingness” ware there is no time or space just quiet. Maybe I’m waking up.

Week 2 MKE

Last week I got into some deep sit’s! Took me to a new understanding of why the sit is so important to me. I experienced something I don’t yet understand. Interesting because I always try  to control my sit and now my sit is controlling me.

MKMMA Week 3 Fight on!

Hello to my desire! I seek wisdom and instructions from my MKMMA experience. I seek the word of understanding. I have strong  character. I keep all commitments agreements and promises to myself and to others!  I am trustworthy a good listener and great communicator. I seek harmony in all human relationships. I’m achieving my goal and my Definite Major Purpose. I have complete self discipline and I pay close attention to details. I am happy and alway have a positive mental attitude. I am always motivated and I motivate others! I put first thing first I have an abundance of wealth!!!  I’m  financially free and this is the bench mark which I hold myself accountable. Thank youn Mark J….. getting  me to Whole!