MKMMA Week 3 Fight on!

Hello to my desire! I seek wisdom and instructions from my MKMMA experience. I seek the word of understanding. I have strong  character. I keep all commitments agreements and promises to myself and to others!  I am trustworthy a good listener and great communicator. I seek harmony in all human relationships. I’m achieving my goal and my Definite Major Purpose. I have complete self discipline and I pay close attention to details. I am happy and alway have a positive mental attitude. I am always motivated and I motivate others! I put first thing first I have an abundance of wealth!!!  I’m  financially free and this is the bench mark which I hold myself accountable. Thank youn Mark J….. getting  me to Whole!


MKMMA Week 2

Change your thinking, change your outcome, and change your life!! Let the MKMMA experience work magic in your life. The Master Key System has helped me gain a greater understanding of life. I married Tamara Lee on October 3, 2015. This is a day I will always remember as a turning point in my life. Napoleon Hill speaks in the “Law Of Success” in Lesson 13 (Failure) that there will be major turning points in life that one will grow out of… and I consider this “The One”.  I have grown form the MKMMA experience in ways I didn’t recognize, however evaluating the information in a new unit of time it’s clear that before my experice I was a single man without a bride! Today I’m blessed to have a bride, soul mate, and life partner. Napoleon tells  me the master mind starts at home and is a basic requirement or ingreatient for success… Charles Haanel in week two explains that my conscious mind is “reasoning will” and the subconscious mind is “instinctive desire” the results of past reasoning will. I get what I think about most of he time and if my new pairing is any indication, than I have a great example of my future self. I sit and I see an amazing future!!!! Thanks for all the support MKMMA!

MKMMA Week 1

Here I am once more and again on my second time taking this very challenging  twenty six week course. Why? The highlight for sure was the great mastermind group in Kauai, that completed last years course. And what a week it was! Let me start at the beginning and I must say I got off to the most amazing start. For the first 7 to 10 weeks. Next came the wall like around mile 17 if you’ve ever ran a marathon. I seem to come crashing down. I was constantly being encouraged by my guide but as I went back and read my blogs I could sense my own frustrations during the time. Nevertheless I pick myself up kept going and completed the course. I often ask myself what if I had maintained the initial enthusiasm and was able to follow thru without mental interruption? How much further would I be and how much would my future future self be me today. I going to answer that question this year and not miss one single word of this amazing course. Get excited y’all are going to see a marvelous change in my writing and my williness to learn and change. Thanks you for another exciting time Mark J.

My New World

  Today is a great day! I’m so excited. The more I think….  “The more I THINK of the Thoughts.” This is my new revolutionary thought for my central idea of myself. I am in control of this one thing therefore I can control all my actions that follow. This may seem very easy and shallow and believe me when I say I use to think the same thing. However I took a closer look and I discovered I didnt have all my goals nailed down. Why not? My central idea of myself stopped me dead in my tracks! Not knowing that I was in control overruled all my great ambitions. Foiled for within my own mind. How could this be, no way. Yes way because this is exactly what happened every day. I changed everything and created a NEW WORLD ORDER. The world within… My Thinking. I accepted the call to action, took and completed the MKMMA six month course. Now I’m ready for another six months of action!! The course start tomorrow and I feel whole perfect strong powerful  loving harmonious and happy! See you there!

MKMMA Week 27

Hello everyone listening…..I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious happy and still going! Yep it’s my twenty seventh week of working with Mark J. and MKMMA, I love this group of like minded people!! Y’all inspired me to continue and change  my entire life. At the beginning I most of all wanted  to complete the twenty six week course and I did! Now I want to become a guide and I will. I’m becoming a better leader of those following  and better follower of those leading…. How exciting!👍😎. I have to change some habits to make being a super guide my reality and become what I will to be. The great news is so many people are helping me change and develope. I want to give a super thanks to my guide Lydia J. for  all her  mentorship, encouragement, belief in me, and overall firmness in guiding me beyond where I started! Thank you Lydia and I hope we work together forever! See ya’ll in Kauai!