The Millionaire Maker’s Last Stand

Sunday, November 30, 2029 Dallas, TX –  Mark Perry, “The Millionaire Maker”, has been changing the lives of thousands of young people all over the world. He created a global mastermind that has people lining up to hear his secrets and witness for themselves his dynamic and energetic speaking style that by his own admission is duplicatable and transferable. Mark Perry has made a name for himself working one-on-one with individuals and has created one of the most influential social media campaigns specifically reaching out to the financially challenged.  There are countless stories of how this “Millionaire Maker” has impacted people’s lives.  Reports show that followers of the Perry philosophy are saying they are able to do things that they have never dreamed or thought of doing just from listening to the master motivator speak.

Mark has traveled to 10 cities in 10 days and says the freedom of moving from place to place communicating with others is what keeps him motivated and excited.  Even though he admits “I am not responsible for changing the lives of others…”, there is not one person who would agree with this statement.  The proof is in the vast amount of people who wait for hours just to get a glimpse of this modern day Napoleon Hill.

Mark returns home to Dallas, Texas for his final speaking engagement.  American Airlines Center sold out in 10 minutes for this rewarding and life changing event. Perry’s mission was to create and motivate millionaires and he has done just that.  There are now 100,000 individuals who attribute their success to the ongoing training of the Millionaires In Training Recruiting Group established in 2014 by Mark Perry himself.   Although this is “The Millionaire Maker’s” final show, the legacy continues as he will announce his predecessor at the event.

About Mark Perry and Millionaire In Training Recruiting Group:

Mark Perry has over twenty-five years of progressive sales and marketing experience to include over fifteen years in sales management in the Energy industry.  He has demonstrated experience opening and expanding new offices and increasing annual sales revenue three fold. Perry has recruited and directed sales teams using the mastermind philosophy of molding like-minded individuals who believe in  goal acquisition.  He has coached and directed the achievement of individual financial goals, by gaining wisdom through understanding other people, self-discipline and financial security. Mark Perry created Millionaires In Training Recruiting Group to expand his definite major purpose.  MIT Recruiting Group has a large social media presence and Perry has been able to transfer the mastermind philosophy to a format that engages and motivates younger generations.


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